The excuse that music should be free is a good one because it is true. Music, like food, should be free. But you still have to pay for convenience. You can’t walk out of the supermarket with a box of cereal. You have to pay because you didn’t grow the grain and process the food and add sugar you made yourself and all the other things that went into putting a box of cereal in a store. Same with music. Make your own and it is free. Get someone else to make it, buy equipment, hire studios and such … and you have to pay for that convenience. Believe me, it is cheaper to buy songs than it is to make songs.
Hardy Fox, Cryptic Corporation


Back when music videos meant something…

M - Pop Muzik





XTC - Across This Antheap

Across This Antheap - XTC (1989)

All the world’s babies are crying still.

While all the police cars harmonize with power drills.

As jets and kettles form a chord with screeching gulls.

Accompanied by truncheons keeping time on human skulls.

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Stirring Dead Leaves feat. Open Mic Eagle - Gregory Pepper & MadadaM (2013) 

I bought a fluorescent lamp to help me deal with it,

200 dollars later I still feel like shit.

Five months later I still feel like shit.

Five tall cans later it’s my bedtime.

My alma mater added me to an album of esteemed alum.

Say that five times fast.


I’m the Slime – Frank Zappa feat. Don Pardo 

On the passing of Don Pardo, I have to share this, one of my favoritemost Pardo performances. (Don comes in around 1:25 and it’s totally worth it just trust me.)

Don Pardo was a cool motherfucker.

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Leonard Cohen - Almost Like the Blues (Audio)


The Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man

(via televandalism)

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