Christ I can’t believe both of these great men are gone.

Now if he said “Babysitter In Red,” that would have made it a much more interesting song. I’m thinking maybe he shouldn’t be looking at her. All of a sudden there’s a weakness there, a human frailty and a little dysfunction going on. “Babysitter In Sweatpants,” I’d listen to that. I’d like to see the lyrics for that.
Steve Coogan on why he hates “The Lady In Red”


Happy Earthday - Captain Beefheart (2003)

The final recording by our late lamented Captain, taped over the phone for an EarthJustice benefit album call Where We Live: Stand For What You Stand On. It was the first musical recording Don Van Vliet had released in over 20 years.

Not really a crowning Beefheart achievement, but it made a fitting epilogue to the compilation and in turn makes a wonderful tribute to a true weirdo. For further listening, we recommend Clear Spot, Safe as Milk and Trout Mask Replica (if you’ve got the time and the stomach for it).

Woe-Is-Uh-Me-Bop. 1941-2010.

Happy Earth Day from Captain Beefheart.

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The Kinks - Wonderboy


Wonderboy - The Kinks

In my head all morning.

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Anne Bancroft & Mel Brooks

Bob Dylan & Lucky Luciano


Anne Bancroft & Mel Brooks

Bob Dylan & Lucky Luciano

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I’ve always had encyclopedic urges, In my youth I wanted a few lifetime projects rather than lots of short-term ones. Impossible projects appeal maybe because failure has less stigma when it’s inevitable. A lifetime project is a kind of armor. A defense against the forces of darkness. In other words, it’s good to have a hobby.

Peter Blegvad

His newest interview for the Mutation Zine is full of amazing and inspiring nuggets.

I don’t feel particularly wedded to any one style or approach. My approach is pretty chaotic. I know I lack consistency but I’m too lazy to worry about it much. I’m an amateur, so I can afford to fail.
Peter Blegvad




"Lynn, I’ve decided I’m going to start cooking crystal meth."

"Nofolk’s best—North Norfolk’s best manufacturer of hard drugs."


Eels - Funeral Parlor


Funeral Parlor - Useless Trinkets


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The Residents - I'm Not Crazy


The Residents - I’m Not Crazy

Happy Easter.

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